Psalm 2

David Nelson   -  

July 2, 2023

Our Father and our Heavenly King,

It is not just the nations, nor the kings of the world who rage and plot in vain, it is us too. Even those of us who have surrendered to you feel these first few verses in our core that it is a daily thing that we must submit to you anew.

Jesus, you remind us in the prayer you taught us that our first petitions to God should be: Let your name be holy, not ours. Let your kingdom come and let your will be done and not our kingdom and not our will.

Father, by your Spirit’s power, teach us afresh to say these things. And to say them not only because we are supposed to, but because we find great joy in submission to you and dwelling under the shadow of your wings … in the refuge of your Son.

For God you have installed him as the King of all Kings and the Lord of all Lords. What plot or power could overthrow your reign? It is laughable to try, and it is a graciousness on your part to terrify us and warn us that there is no other king or name given under heaven by which we might be saved.

For every nation, tongue and tribe is yours, Oh Lord, and yours alone.

So, Lord, teach us today the responses the Psalmist commends:

Teach us to be people who tell of your decree.

Teach us to serve you with reverence.

Teach us to rejoice with trembling.

Teach us to give affection to the Son.

Teach us to take refuge in Him and Him alone.

And all God’s people said … Amen.