Adult Ministries

Living out our core commitments to grace, community, and mission.

Gospel Communities

Gospel Communities are family groups that meet regularly to intentionally share life. We might share a meal, pray and study the Bible together as we encourage and challenge each other, coming alongside one another in difficulty and in celebration.

Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry Team (deaconesses) serves the relational needs of women by creating connection points for them in a variety of ways and places, through regular meet-ups, Bible studies, and retreats. In addition, we help serve new moms, their families, and others with short term needs.

Men's Ministry

Informal and ad-hoc, Centennial men get together a couple of times each year to eat freshly killed meat. We share stories together, laugh together, and pray together—but we don’t have it all together. We feel safe letting our guard down because we know we’re not alone. We’re waiting for you.