Psalm 100

Mark Rhoads   -  

June 18, 2023


It is with a glad shout we acknowledge you as the king over all the earth, and not a distant king but a king who chooses to dwell among us.  With gratitude and joy we cherish your mercies.  With the song you have put in our hearts we respond with joy to your presence today and at all times even as our world refuses to recognize your power and glory

We know that you are the creator of heaven and earth and that you have made us and given us free will to confess you as God.  We are as sheep in your pasture, sheep who tend to go astray. But you are the Good Shepherd, a shepherd who watches over us, a shepherd who has given his life to save us from eternal death.

Thanksgiving is our response, Father, a gratitude that must prevail even in our darkest hour, a gratitude that swells in the face of evil that threatens to overcome morality, a gratitude that fills our souls as we enter your courts, the Holy of Holies, made possible by the work of your risen Son.

Father, we ask your blessing on this congregation of believers.  We want to follow you. We want to bless your name in all we do, but we need your help and your guidance.  Give us wisdom.  May we honor you and be oriented to your ways alone. May our service to you start with a glad shout of praise and unswerving thanksgiving leading to complete trust in you, the God who made us.

Father, you are good in your grace, you are good in your forgiveness, you are good to your very core.  You are the definition of truth and you are everlasting.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord we pray.

And all of God’s people said, AMEN