Psalm 2

David Nelson   -  

Father in Heaven, we ask with the Psalmist: Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain?

Why do the nations, peoples, tribes, and tongues resist you and your will?

Why do these image bearers believe they will find freedom in bursted bonds and cast away cords when true freedom, true liberty, is found in you.

Lord, you laugh at this feeble rebellion, you deride those who attempt to find liberty in living loosely rather than living bonded to the one true God.

Father you will speak to these people in fury and terrify them in your wrath. One day they will know for certain that our God reigns, that you are glorious in might, majestic in power, abundant in mercy, but an avenger for justice.

Lord, for us who call ourselves your people, may we not buy into the lie that says freedom is found apart from you. Help us to trust, believe and rejoice in the freedom you give even while we wear the easy yoke of Christ.

Help us Lord, in heart, mind, spirit, soul, may all our lives being a setting up of you as our King and Sovereign.

May in our souls rejoice that the begotten Son of the Father is our King, that the nations, even the ones who now mock him, are his heritage and a day is coming where justice is coming on the unjust, that mourning is coming for those who laugh, and a time of eternal have not for those who now have.

We are clay in the hands of the potter so may we live as such – as people dependent on the hands of our maker to mold us and shape us into what you want us to be.

And Father as we go from this place this morning, may we be a people who warn the kings, queens, rulers, and all peoples of the Earth to serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling.

And in that vein, we lift up Nathan and Carey to you. We thank you for the energy levels Nathan has to carry out tasks and that Carey can take joy in the course she’s teaching. Help her to rightly and wisely lay the groundwork for Bible translation and literacy programs.

Please keep Nathan and Carey in good health, bless their marriage, we pray the boys would make loads of friends and they would adjust well to life and school.

Father, may we kiss, may we love with all our hearts Your Son, Jesus Christ. May we like the Psalmist find abundant protection, peace, and pardon in the shadow of his wings.

We pray this in Jesus name and all God’s people said: Amen.