Psalm 29

David Nelson   -  

January 8, 2023

Lord, as the Psalm says, let all creation both on the earth, under the earth, and above the earth ascribe to your name glory and strength.

Lord if there is a temptation of ours both as Christians and as non-believers, it is to see you as too weak or too uninvolved or unable to help us. Unable to fix the world around us that we find so so broken.

And yet Lord we are reminded that your voice carries over the oceans. Indeed where could we go on the Atlantic or the Pacific to escape your power?

It is your voice that is heard amidst the tropical storms and hurricanes, whose thunder frightens us, but it is your voice that thunders over these things.

You are powerful Lord and your words are full of majesty like that of a president or king.

Your voice Lord, can shatter the thick trees that stand in our way. No California Redwood could remain tall when it hears your voice.

Your voice Oh Lord could shake the Amazon, rearrange the Nile valley, and cause the appalachian mountains to bow down.

Lord, may we never believe nor think nor be tempted to imagine that you lack power or strength to save. Your voice flashes forth flames of fire.

Help us Lord to remember that amidst the floods and the barren forests we see, both real and imagined, that you remain enthroned forever and ever.

Lord, give strength to your people. Empower us through the gospel and the power of your Holy Spirit to be people who trust in your strength.

And Lord bless us with your peace. For though you are the God who thunders and levels the forests and stills Tsunamis, you are the God who dwells with the baby doe-s who can barely stand on their feet with any certainty.

Lord, we are like those baby does, weak, trembling, and needing help to stand upright … so Lord let us hear your powerful voice, let us see your strong hand, and help us with gentleness to stand up straight as we seek to follow you.

May all our hearts and all those who dwell in your temple cry out that you are glorious. For Lord, that is what you are.

And all God’s people said … Amen