Psalm 65

David Nelson   -  

October 23, 2022

O God

How difficult it is sometimes to say in our hearts, “Praise is due your name.”

For Lord we often find ourselves in sloughs of despondency, fiery trials, relational distress, loneliness, agony, grief, and sorrow.

But Praise is due your name, Father for as David says, You hear our prayers. And Father let us sit in that for a moment. We are not simply speaking to an empty void, you are listening to us with heavenly ears and you never miss a word we say or ask, “Can you repeat that?” No, Father, you have heard us in our complaints and in our shouts of joy.

And Oh father what joy it is to know our sins have been forgiven, our debt paid, our stains cleansed, our guilt taken away, our shame removed all because of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus.

And now, Father, wonder of wonders, you have raised us up with Christ, seated us in the heavenly places, and caused us to dwell in your courts. You have brought us near, you have wrapped your arms around us and you hold us in the palm of your mighty hands.

There is no place we’d rather be.

Lord you have answered our prayers with awesome deeds of righteousness. And Lord, if we struggle to see them, open our eyes, that we might behold your wonders.

And if we remain blind Lord, show us the beauty and glory of yourself in creation. The towering mountains declare your strength. The calm seas after a storm remind us of your peace.

Every kernel of grain comes from your hand. For which of us can force seeds to sprout, roots to take hold, nor command water to saturate the soil. All of these blessings are from you.

Lord, the beautiful meadows would be astounding enough, but you cover those meadows with sheep. The valleys would be awe-inspiring enough, but you fill them with grain. Indeed, we can hear creation singing your praise in the dancing of the wind.

You are the one who crowns our years with plenty and yes, sometimes, with little.

So, Lord, whether plenty or little, lift our eyes to the hills, lift our eyes to Zion, lift our eyes to Golgotha, and lift our eyes to a tomb now empty.

Lift our eyes to your right hand, to see Jesus who has welcomed us into your courts, atoned for our sins, and not only hears our prayers, but prays for us himself from his own heart.

Show us your goodness Lord, this morning, we pray.

And all God’s people said: Amen.