April 7 9:30 - 10:30 am  |  The Explorer's Performing Arts Center

Our world, and all life within it, declare the glory and creativity of our Lord! And we, created in His image, possess something of His glory and creativity that’s just waiting to be discovered and shared!

Well, this is an opportunity for our Explorer’s aged children to share those creative talents with their peers in a loving, encouraging, and low stress environment! In other words, the talent show audience WILL BE LIMITED to our Explorer age children and Explorer’s volunteers.

Although parents will not be able to watch their child’s performance live, we will video ALL performances, and make the video available afterwards for family and friends!

Explorers GRADES K-5 will have a MAXIMUM OF 2 MINUTES to perform… Please contact Sandy to discuss exceptions for multi-person performances!

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Questions? For answers, call Sandy at 651-735-4068. For guesses, call Curt at 952-607-0584. 😊