May 19 10:30 - 11:30 am

Are you an EXPLORER who’s THIRSTING for ADVENTURE??!!!!

If so, we have something very special planned for YOU!! Join us immediately following our last Explorers class on May 21st in the Explorers Performing Arts Center to join teammates and begin your adventure!

ADVENTURE QUEST is something like a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt, but OOOOH way more betterer!!! In a nutshell, age/grade level teams–each with an adult Team Leader (teacher or parent!)–will explore church property to find clues, complete activities, decrypt the super-secret coded phrase, achieve wonderous acclaim, AND bring Freedom to the Galaxy!!!

ADVENTURE QUEST is for all Explorers age kids (including Pioneers), and most (but not all) of it will be held OUTSIDE and therefore will be postponed if the weather is bad.

DON’T leave the fate of the galaxy in jeapordy! Come join us and carve your name in history!!!