Psalm 21

Greg Kvamme   -  

March 3, 2024

Father, Son, Holy Spirit. You are mighty and you are good. You are our protector. The author David saw his share of highs and lows in his lifetime and often re-centered is focus in looking to you God. We thank you for these Psalms that re-orient our heart and mind to praising and trusting you, and begging for your protection in our lives. And earnestly seeking for your justice God, and not our version of vindication. You are to be glorified in all of our actions. Help us to see the good things and the challenging things, and the bad things in the light of your sovereignty.

Lord, we likely all feel this first hand, or know someone who is currently in need of your protection from enemies. The enemy wants to kill and destroy. The 2nd half of this Psalm dives into your justice and wrath. This makes me uncomfortable talking about it in our nice church where we are a nice people. And yet I get upset outside the doors of the church and forget that you are a just God and in my practical life and I actions, I forget your promise that you will execute justice. Help us to read and meditate on your word throughout the week and not just inside the church.

We pray that your word would saturate our hearts, that we would store up your word as treasure in our heart, so that when we need you word, we know exact where it is and can access it in our time of need. Help us to trust you, and not ourselves when we interact with our boss, or co-workers, or neighbors. Help us to be a shining witness of your love to this world.