Psalm 118

Jennifer Kvamme   -  

March 24, 2024

O Lord, You are on our side—what a glorious thought! What kind of enemy could we possibly need to fear? You are on our side as our Helper; we can take refuge in You. You are our Strength, our Song, and our Salvation.

Remind us of these truths throughout the week, Father, that we might burst into joyful song as the psalmist describes, and that we might gladly share the good news of what You have done for us. You discipline us, but You do not give us over to death. And Your steadfast love endures forever. For that we praise You.

Forgive us, Father, for how easily we shift to making other things our refuge—things like our own works, our bank accounts or relationships, our plans for the future, our skill sets. Forgive us for working in our own strength and for, in the process, losing our songs of worship as we wear ourselves out. Give us this week the joy of resting in Your strength and of working in Your power.

We thank You for our global partners who are at work spreading Your Word among the nations. And we pray specifically this morning for Catherine. Thank You for the capacities that You have given her and the opportunity to expand her influence and her work. We pray that You would give her the energy, stamina, and excitement for this new role, and that it would bear good fruit. We pray that many more people would be drawn to this work of Bible translation, and that You open doors and pave the way for fruitful ministry in these people groups that do not yet know You—that there would be songs of rejoicing as they also come to know Your love and salvation.

And, Lord, in our own neighborhoods, where Your Word is so accessible but often so ignored and unknown, would you also give us open doors to share of Your love and to speak Your Word? We pray that Your gospel would speed ahead and be honored, around our cities and around the world, for Your name’s sake. And all God’s people said, Amen.