Psalm 22

John Chamberlain   -  

February 25, 2024

Heavenly Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

It is with grateful hearts that we come before you today.  Knowing that you are there to meet us where we are at, even in challenging times when we are in great despair.  David is completely honest in this Psalm when he approaches you in deep grief. Obviously this did not take you by surprise because you already knew what was going on in his life.  Yet David shows us by example the freedom we can have in coming to you with everything we face.

When we feel the pressures of life bearing down, we know that you can be called on to intervene.  You are there with open arms for us to find rest in.  We are assured you won’t despise or look down on us when we experiencing hard times. Thank you for the grace you so freely give to us.

David makes it clear we are to be people who praise, fear, honor, and revere you.  Sometimes it’s hard for us to fully understand what this looks like. Help us to be people who will come before you with humble hearts, so you can teach us to be fully dependent on you. May we turn to you often, not just when we are at the end of our rope, but also in the everyday rhythm of life.

Father we thank you for your promise that Jesus will return some day to rule the earth in a perfectly just way.  What a glorious day it will be when ALL of the nations will bow down to you. No longer will we be chasing the false idols that so easily pull us away. As we get excited about the thought of this happening, may we take David’s lead in declaring your name to the brothers and sisters around us who may not know you.  Help us to take chances to share what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus.  Give us a love and compassion for those around us, knowing that their eternal home is at stake.

We were encouraged to hear about the recent Christmas celebration N and C were able to attend with the East Lawa group.  After 20 years of faithful bible translation work, they shared there are now a handful of people who have become Christ followers and are helping a consultant work on the Gospel of Mark.  We ask that you would provide physical and spiritual protection, as these people are working in dangerous surroundings to further your kingdom. We pray for continued success and efficiency in their work. We also ask for protection for many other people groups that are working on bible translations around the world.  May you bless their work abundantly so more people will be able to hear about our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

For it’s in His name we pray….and all God’s people said………Amen.