Psalm 147

Mark Anderson   -  

February 11, 2024

Praise the Lord!

Praise and honor and glory are yours, O Lord!

Praising you is a good and proper thing.

It is appropriate for us to admire, esteem and make much of you.

But, in our Christian-speak, the words “Praise the Lord!” often role off our tongues so quickly and easily,

that I am concerned we use them too casually, and without the gravity we should, when speaking to you.

Forgive us for using the words “Praise the Lord!” in that way.

Praise and glory, and honor belong to you.

For we did not make ourselves;

and we do not have the competence and ability

to live entirely separate from your generosity.

Indeed, we benefit from your bounty on a daily basis.

On our own we would live inconsiderate, self-indulged lives

ill-suited to be in your presence and receive your steadfast Love.

Praise and glory, and honor belong to you.

You are good and do good.  And we praise you for your goodness.

In your compassion you include and help the marginalized, the outcasts, the brokenhearted, and the afflicted.

you gather, you heal, you comfort, you encourage, you sustain, you protect,

you rescue, you supply purpose for living, you save, you invigorate, and you give life.

Praise and glory, and honor belong to you.

You prepare rain for the earth,

we are grateful for the rain we received in our community this week.

You care for the deer across our state, you make the strawberries blossom and bring forth fruit,

You give us instruction through your commandments, statutes, precepts, laws, testimonies, rules, words, and your spirit.

Let your voice and instructions help us here at Centennial.

Praise and glory, and honor belong to you.

You dislike and hate those whose ways are devious,

who wade in the waters of deception.

You dislike those who twist and abuse your instructions,

for personal gain.

You dislike those who disregard everyone else, who disregard your creation,

and especially those who disregard you to achieve their ambitions.

You dislike when we hold on to things we like,

that distract and keep us from your word.

Your ways are righteous.

Praise and glory, and honor belong to you.

Our measures of importance pale in comparison to your measures of importance.

We are encumbered by ambitions and goals for wealth, power, and prosperity.

Teach us your ways of fear, delight and pleasure.

Oh, that we would become a people that would eagerly risk and dare to come often to you,

relinquishing our hold on temporal concerns and enter into your world of delight and pleasure.

You love heart felt praise.

Let our souls live and praise you,

and let your instructions nourish and help us,
in the interest of arousing and awakening praise in us,

Praise and glory, and honor to you.

Praise the Lord!