Psalm 19

Mark Anderson   -  

October 1, 2023

Jesus, the world, which you created, in all its vastness and its fine detail, is evidence of your magnificence and grandeur. Everything you made proclaims that you are an excellent craftsman.

We are grateful that, in addition to showing yourself in creation, you have given us your laws and your story to speak into the depths of our souls.

Your teachings are spot on, providing us enduring instruction in living well.

Help us Lord, to press into your holy scriptures and into a life of commitment to your instruction, for in them we see many benefits … what a privilege it is that you wish to revive our souls, make us wise, enlighten our eyes, cleanse us for eternity, make us righteous, and give us great reward.

Help us also in the physical challenges we are facing in our community.  Today we are specifically pray for W, as he desires healing for his thumb, and the ability to resume working in the shop with tools and equipment that he enjoys. And for the youth that have been with Jennifer and the other leaders on a retreat at Camp Shamineau. And for A’s dad , dealing with a painful neck injury after his bike accident.

Make us conscious throughout the week of the times when our thoughts go astray, and we negligently think that no one else will care for us. Remind us that you know our needs, and that you are able to keep us, before we make rash decisions which we would soon regret.

Keep these my brothers and sisters free from the influences of the many counterfeit stimuli that so pervade our lives. Give them the desires and yearnings of your heart so that they will quickly and naturally seek your guidance from the start.

Make us into people that believe that you are both good and just. Teach us to take each other by the hand, and supporting each other in our pursuit of you, all the days of our lives.