Psalm 8

Jennifer Kvamme   -  

August 13, 2023

O Lord, our Lord, You truly are majestic. When we get a chance to look out at the stars on a dark night and realize we can’t fathom how far outer space goes, we realize just how small we are and how glorious You are. You formed the mountain peaks, envisioned the giant redwoods, designed sunsets over the water, and dreamed up all the animal life we see. Your power, creativity, glory, and goodness is on display all throughout your creation.

And yet somehow you have chosen us, humans, as your children. You not only are mindful of us but care for us and love us—You came to rescue us! And as the psalmist says, You’ve crowned us with honor and given us dominion over the works of Your hands.

We confess, Father, that we have not always ruled over Your works in ways that reflect You. We tend to use what power we have for ourselves—our comfort and convenience—rather than for the good of the world over which You’ve made us stewards. The world You’ve given us is not only beautiful but abundantly provides us with good things for our enjoyment. Forgive us for the times the grandeur and abundance we enjoy does not lead us to worship You but to indulge ourselves. Forgive us for the resources we waste or hoard or misuse or neglect. And forgive us for the times we live as if this world is all there is and forget that we are sojourners here on our way to our true home.

We are grateful that You are a patient Father, quick to forgive, who is always teaching us, reminding us, and making us more like You.

This psalm also reminds us that You do not look for the powerful and influential, but that You have ordained strength—and praise—from infants and children. Father, we are grateful for the kids that make up an important part of our church family, for the ways they experience the means of grace and learn Your Word in the context of our community. We pray that their faith would grow as their bodies do, that they would grow to love You, Your Word, and Your church, and that they would bring glory to You in their lives even now while they are young. Help those of us who are older to find ways both to encourage their faith and to learn from their childlike faith.

As we go about our week, Father, please continue to point out to us Your glory, to remind us of our calling, and to call us to worship. We ask this in the name of Jesus, and all God’s people said, Amen.