Psalm 4

Greg Kvamme   -  

July 16, 2023

You are holy and awesome and worthy of all praise. Your splendor surrounds us. Forgive us for seeking vain words and praise for ourselves. You alone are worthy of glory. We are unconditionally loved, because you loved us first. The more we rebel against your truth, the more lost and hopeless we become. In our hopelessness, we ask that your tender mercy draw us back into your arms of love. We only find peace and safety in you O Lord. Why do we lie awake in bed unable to sleep? We lack the peace that your offer. You offer protection of not just our physical safety, but our emotional and mental health and safety too.

The psalmist also claims more joy in their heart from the Lord, than when grain and wine abound. We are surrounded by an abundance of grain and wine, and an abundance of despair. The abundance of grain and wine does not bring the joy that is proclaimed in advertising. The psalmist finds more joy in the Lord. You are an almighty creator and sustainer, and the lover of our souls. We are prone to wander and distraction, use this time right now to orient our hearts back to you and the splendor of dwelling with you and find our joy you alone.

We all get angry sometimes. The reason for our anger is often deeper than the surface level thing at the fore-front of our mind. In our anger, help us to pause, pray, and think about the situation, and what our heart is feeling. Help us to not lash out at others. Help us to examine our heart and see how we need you.

Our media is relentless in trying to steal our attention away from you. Help us choose wisely where we click. Before we click on that ad or that story, help us to anticipate if that click will be helpful and edifying or if that click will lead us to frustration or fear or sin.

We pray for our families in our church. We all experience brokenness in numerous ways. There are various ways we contribute to the brokenness, and there are various ways we experience the brokenness. Family can be an incredible source of love and support, but also deep sorrow when a member is lost. You designed our church to be a new family that bridges over biological relationships and loves and supports each other in the family of Christ. Help us to lean into our family of Christ and not just see our church as a building, or a place we go on Sunday, but to follow Christ’s example and love and care for one another in our joy and in our pain.

We pray all of this in your holy and wonderful name, Jesus, Amen.