Psalm 46

Greg Kvamme   -  

November 20, 2022

Father, Son, Holy Spirit, we praise you for your wonderful attributes. You are all powerful, all knowing. You are the source of the river of life. You are our magnificent creator.

We confess that we have not loved you with our whole heart. We have valued and cherished created things more than the creator. We have wasted so much energy striving after things that perish and rot. Forgive our wayward hearts and draw us back to you.

We thank you for the many opportunities you give our children to learn and participate in numerous activities. Thank you for the talents you have given them to enjoy and share in the talent show. May we all delight in how you have created every child unique and may you be glorified.

We pray for our friend, at the memory care unit at Gracewood Assisted Living. We miss her welcoming smile here at Centennial. We miss her stories of your faithfulness in her life. Remind us to pray for and visit her as she misses coming to Centennial too.

We pray for our Global Partners, working to bring your good news to the ends of the Earth. We thank you for those on the mission field now. Encourage and protect them as they are far from home. Give them friendships that are mutually blessing one another and building them up. We pray for our Global Partners that are on home assignment. May this time be restorative, refreshing, and equipping for their launch back to the ends of the Earth. Wherever we are, halfway around the world or in a neighborhoods near Centennial, we are surrounded by people who don’t know you as creator and don’t know you as the river of life. As we reflect and meditate on your goodness and are filled with the joy of your revelation to us, may we overflow with joy and share this good news with our neighbors and friends within our sphere of influence. Give us boldness to share this good news and we pray that we don’t let our enemy steal our joy in you.

We trust that you have power over war. You ordain the beginning and end of all things. We long for the day when you destroy all of the instruments of war and establish your perfect kingdom. We long for the day when you remake the world and there is no more desolation.

There is a river whose steams make glad the city of God. May we draw near to that river of live that flows from your holy city. Many cities have rivers flowing in and through them, but in your holy city, you are the source of living water that flows out of the city. Help us to remember you our creator and not created things, as supreme and our source of joy forevermore.

And all God’s people said, Amen