Psalm 66

Greg Kvamme   -  

October 9, 2022

Father, Son, Holy Spirit, we gather together today and we celebrate what you have done. You have carried us through many challenges and trials. The Psalmists remembers the crushing burdens that Pharaoh laid on their ancestors backs, and splitting the Red Sea to walk between the water on dry ground, and you bringing the Israelites to the promised land of abundance. You are faithful in all these circumstances and we bring our offerings to you. We fulfill our vows to worship you. You sacrificed so much for us in sending your Son Jesus to die for us.  Even though our sacrifice does not match up, we still forsake the things of this world that only leave us empty again. We lay it all down and run to you because you are the only true source of joy and you are completely worthy of our praise.

Lord help us to not cherish iniquity in our hearts. May these Psalms that we read and sing transform our hearts and minds to let it go and to run and strive to follow you. Your word reminds us that we will see trials and troubles, and you will not abandon us. You will refine our faith, you will refine our minds, and you will refine our hearts.

We lift up the H Family and that their time in Michigan would be refreshing and restorative. Give them rest, encouragement, insight, and good direction.

We pray for the political divisions that go so deep around the world, and in our own country. You are sovereign over all creation, the universe, the world, our country, and our city. You have given us opportunities to influence and lead in various capacities. Help us to use our efforts and work to not bring the kingdom of selfishness to this earth but to bring your kingdom. Thank you for giving us Jesus to love the world through selfless sacrifice in every part of his life, and how he did it with joy because he was paving the way for your kingdom. We worship you, and we pray that your kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.