Psalm 107

Cody Wilde   -  

July 31, 2022

Father, Son, Holy Spirit,

Lord sometimes it’s hard to pray. It’s not because we’re mad or sad or distracted, just that we, on a particular day, don’t know what to say, or rather don’t really have anything to say. Like staring into a fire there’s tacit engagement but no words… and that seems to be okay. So, God, the one who shows up in fire at various moments in the Bible, hear our word-scarce prayers.

Comfort those who are hurting. Be near to those who are lonely. Remind us of your faithfulness in our lives. Give our hearts confidence that you in fact love us. Give us the faith to believe that you are who you’ve revealed yourself to be.

You are the redeeming God, who redeems people and places, and you hear our prayers, regardless of their word count or eloquence.

And all God’s people said: Amen.