Psalm 85

Jennifer Kvamme   -  

August 22, 2021

Father, as this Psalm reminds us, You are the God who forgives and restores, yet the God of wrath toward sin. You are the God of our salvation, the God of steadfast love and faithfulness, righteousness and peace, the God who speaks, the God of glory, the God who gives what is good. We are Your people, Your saints. Help us to live in gratitude of all that You have done for us and in light of who You have redeemed us to be.

Our hearts are heavy this morning with the news flooding our feeds over the last week. We grieve for the Afghanistans who are living in fear and hiding, for those who are displaced and fleeing, for those who have died. We ask for Your favor in their land, that righteousness and justice would come to replace the terror and oppression. We pray that You protect and provide for the people, and ultimately that many would come to You in this time. We ask for wisdom for our own country’s leaders as they face repercussions for their decisions and determine next steps. And we pray for the members of our military who are returning, no doubt with many mixed emotions. Speak peace to Your people, Lord, and may we not return to folly. May Your glory dwell in their land and in ours.

And Lord, as we look to the future and see Covid cases trending up again, we feel the uncertainties of the future. May it cause us to look to You and give us opportunities to share the hope that we have in You. Show us ways that we can love and care for those You place around us, and help us to make the best use of the time You give us.

Thank You, Father, that we can rest in Your salvation and in Your care for us, and that we can trust You even when there is much we don’t understand.

We pray all of this in the name of Jesus, and all God’s people said, Amen.