Psalm 15
Dan Van Loon

August 15, 2021


You are awesome in your holiness, powerful and sovereign, You are the almighty. There is nothing too difficult for you. We stand in awe of your glory and splendor. When we get a glimpse of your otherness, we are then speechless when we understand that you delight to have us dwell with you in your tent and on your holy hill.

We thank you Jesus for your death on the cross. For it is only by your suffering, Jesus, your atoning sacrifice that we are to connect with you at all.

The Psalmist tells us our sense of closeness to you of being in your tent and on your holy hill is dependent on how we relate to those around us. It is how we speak in truthfulness and how we act in blamelessness and how we give of ourselves in generosity that moves our heart to align with yours.

We need to confess Lord that even though we want to be that person who fully treats others as you would, we confess that our natural bent is to be selfish and critical. It is so hard to change to be fully reflecting your character Jesus. Move within us. Melt us and mold us. Fill us and use us.

Father, I pray that when those around us look at us they would be able to state ‘See how they love one another, they must be disciples of Jesus’. And that others would say see how they reflect the character of Jesus as we relate to others that you would be honored and glorified by our actions.

Father, we live in a broken world. And you have chosen to use us a broken and in need of repair people to bring the message of redemption and healing to those who desperately need your touch. So Father help us to neighbor well. To love on our neighbors, to allow them to see how you continue to mend our broken lives.

As theĀ  PST does brief virtual interviews with a handful of potential pastors for us, give each on the team ears to hear from you.