Psalm 30
Dan Van Loon

June 27, 2021


Father, We acknowledge before you your sovereignty. We are thankful that nothing is a surprise to you. You know the beginning from the end. And we are confident that your glory will be seen on the earth in all that is. So that the whole earth will be filled with your glory.

 And we also acknowledge before you that we do not understand. Your plans are far beyond our pay grade. But we see that you bring us great blessing and comfort and nurture and you bring us heart rending struggle and pain. And one follows the others and we find that is followed by fully sensing your presence again.


So with the psalmist we call upon you to hear us, O Lord, and be merciful to us! For without your mercy we are lost.
    We call upon you Lord, be our helper!” For without your help we are truly helpless.

For you can turn our mourning into dancing;
    you can loose our sackcloth
    and clothe us with gladness,
 that our glory may sing your praise and not be silent.
    Lord our God, we will give thanks to you forever!


So for each of our individual family ups and downs we place them into your hand and call upon you to work for your glory in our lives and we will be careful to thank you and praise you for the great blessing your have supplied us with.

I ask, Father, that we would leverage these ups and downs and God’s working in the midst of them to converse with those in our sphere of influence about how Jesus impacts our lives on a regular basis. That we would be in relationship enough to share not only the high points but also how God works in the low points of our lives as well.


So for us as a church we acknowledge before you that we have  experienced great joys and great heartaches as a body together and call upon you to continue to work in our pains and we will be careful to praise you for your blessing of us in so many ways. And in the months ahead we will experience change again with a new pastor. Some of that change will be delightful surprise and some of the change will be on the harder side. We call upon you to work in your grace among us


So for us as a society we acknowledge the many blessing you have given to us.  Materially we are blessed. But as people we evidence very easily the fallenness of mankind. We have treated each other with injustice and oppression. We have judged people on the basis of heritage and race. Forgive us. We have allowed your laws and truths to be set aside. And we suffer the consequences.


And as a nation we have stopped listening to each other and so often condemn each other. Help us to be willing to own the log in our own eyes and humbly seek to understand those who are different in outlook and values. That your followers may take the lead in being your people.


And all God’s people said “Amen”.