Psalm 133
John Chamberlain

April 11, 2021

Heavenly Father, 

We come before you today with praise and thanksgiving in remembering what the resurrection means to us in our everyday life.  Jesus’s victory over sins allows us to enjoy the blessing the psalmist talks about when he says you offer life evermore.  Thank you for this gift that you offer to each and every one of us.  Help us Father to start that life right now by centering our priorities on what you desire for us.  

Guide us by your Holy Spirit in finding ways to deepen our relationship with you.  We are so blessed when we look at the opportunities available to us today.  Regularly meeting with our brothers and sisters here at Centennial. Reading the Bible in translations that make sense to us. Watching videos that help the Bible come alive. Taking advantage of Bible study curriculum that helps us to apply the truth of your word in our culture today, and making time to spend talking with your everyday.  Help us to discern what will work best in our individual circumstances.

We are also reminded in our Psalm today how good and pleasant it is when members of your family can live together in unity.  Help this to be something we will continue to strive for.  Even though we most surely will have different ideas, help us to respect each other’s opinion and be quick to listen.  We pray this especially for our Pastoral search committee at this important time. As they share their personal perspectives through the process, may you guide them to consensus through the power of your Holy Spirit.  

Father, may we also carry this same attitude to those around us in our culture today.  Help our main goal to be shining the love of Jesus to them through our words and actions.  May we be slow to judge and rich in compassion.

We are thankful for the recent update from B and family.  It is so encouraging to hear the impact they are having in the lives of people around them.  We pray for wisdom as they consider how to best develop disciplining relationships.  We also pray for T and her energy level with the demands of raising B.  Please meet their needs as a couple and as a family.

Father I also thank you for all of the families we have with young children here at Centennial Church. We know they have had a lot of challenges, especially in that last year with Covid.  Please give them the strength, energy and wisdom to care for the children that you have blessed them with. 

We pray this in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, ….and all God’s people said………Amen.