Psalm 111

Jennifer Kvamme   -  

January 31, 2021

Oh Lord, we praise You with the psalmist because you are great, glorious, majestic, awesome, and holy. You created all that is; You do great wonders that we don’t even see; and You have been working Your great plan since the beginning of time until now. You are also gracious, compassionate, and trustworthy. You provide for us: provide our food, and provide our redemption. All that we have is from You.

Remind us frequently, Lord, to ponder these things. It is the beginning of wisdom and the source of joy. But so often the things we ponder are our worries, our losses, our disappointments, and our to-do lists. Father, would you help us to re-train our minds to meditate on You and on the good works that You have done since the creation of the world and are still at work doing today? Fix our eyes on who You are and all that You do. And as we do so, may we experience the freedom from our anxieties and griefs and the joy and peace that come from a heart that trusts in Your faithfulness.

Lord, we are thankful that You are sovereign over nations, Healer of diseases, Rebuilder of the broken. May we see You at work in bringing healing to our nation, our world, our relationships, and our hearts. I pray for the division in our country as well as for those experiencing division in their own homes. For any in our midst whose marriages are a struggle and a source of hurt rather than the love and help that You designed, would You be the Restorer? For those whose children are struggling physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually, would you be the good Father and bring wholeness? For those stressed by hard decisions in the face of the pandemic or other life circumstances, would you be our Wisdom and Joy?

We continue to seek Your guidance as a church as our search committee begins the initial steps toward seeking out a new pastor. We pray that Your hand would be over each step in the process, and that it would be marked by unity, clarity, joy, and signs of Your Spirit at work. We pray that You prepare us now to be the kind of church You call us to be that we might draw others into the life of Your Son.