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 WHAT are global partners?

The gospel of grace is good news for every person in every place. At Centennial we maintain a perspective of the gospel’s global reach by supporting “global partners” (GPs). Global partners are:

  • GLOBAL: These individuals have chosen a career path to make Jesus known in cross-cultural, non-US locations. Just as Centennial is the outcome of local outreach, the larger western church is the outcome of global outreach, outreach that began in Israel—a country far removed in both distance and culture.
  • PARTNERS: These individuals have established a personal connection with Centennial—some while attending college, others as family members. This close connection creates a unique and meaningful bond between them and our church. They’re not just distant faces to whom we give money, but family with whom we partner.

WHO are our global partners?

Centennial has several global partners, some whose ministry can be described in detail, and others whose ministry is in countries sensitive to the gospel and therefore can only be described in broad terms.

CATHERINE working as a linguist/Bible translator in Papua New Guinea with Wycliffe Bible Translators. For more information contact her at or visit her blog at



David and Katrina, compressed

DAVID and KATRINA working as multimedia specialists in Spain with Avant Ministries. For more information contact them at and




Nate and CareyNATHAN and CAREY working to support Bible translation in Asia. To send them a note, learn more, or get on their distribution list, contact the Global Partner Team via




BenBEN working as an ethnomusicologist/educator in Asia. To send him a note, learn more, or get on his distribution list, contact the Global Partner Team via



HOW can I support our global partners?

Our Global Partners are people just like you and me: They juggle work and home and family, but sometimes struggle with priorities. They love life, experiencing new things and entering new relationships, but sometimes they’re tired and just want to retreat. They smile and laugh and play, but sometimes they cry. They love Jesus, but sometimes feel distant from Him.

And so they’re really no different from any of us except in one very significant way: they choose to experience all of these things in a vastly different culture thousands of miles away from the support base of their families. And sometimes GP Team Swing Set, croppedthat’s really hard—for them, and for their families. What can you do?

  • LOVE THEM! Read their blog posts, newsletters, or email updates—and let them know you’re reading them, remembering them, and praying for them. Keep in mind that writing only a few lines may be all that’s needed, such as on Facebook or email. Just hearing from you speaks volumes!
  • JOIN OUR TEAM! Centennial has a Global Partners support team which strives to broaden awareness of God’s work throughout the world, including fostering meaningful relationships between our church family and our GPs. We meet every 4-6 weeks to learn from one another, discuss, plan, pray, learn, and laugh. If you’d like to learn more or get involved contact Curt or Jill Rivard, or Paul or Jann Stein directly, or via


Click here for global partner FAQs!