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Why Sermons?

Why sermons and why this kind of sermons?

Sermons are an essential part of our gathered worship at Centennial Church and you will notice that we preach a particular kind of sermon. Why?

Our sermons focus on the unwrapping of one particular biblical text. We believe that this kind of preaching best serves your spiritual formation because it exemplifies how to hear scripture in thought units rather than in sound bites which are disconnected from the immediate context or the Bible’s larger story.

But hearing the sermon is not a passive activity on your part! Every element of our gathered worship is worship, including the sermon! Preaching the sermon is an act of worship for the speaker, but hearing the sermon is an act of worship for the listener. During this time you are to be actively inviting the word of God into both your mind and your heart, praying that God would show you how this sermon can find its way to your hands as you leave to serve Him.

And so the sermon is not a lecture, a class, or mere education. The sermon is a transformational event. It is a vehicle for God to bring His grace into our lives. When we hear God’s word with diligence, preparation, and prayer, we will grow in our love for God and one another. And that’s why.