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The Parables of Jesus

A man builds a tower. A farmer plants a field. A woman begs a judge for help. A traveler gets mugged. A woman loses a very valuable coin.

Over 20 times in the Gospels, Jesus tells stories about these and many other events.  But these were not stories meant to entertain or even illustrate.  These were stories crafted with intent.  These were stories that worked like lenses—helping listeners to see reality that they could not see and correcting their view of the world around them.  These are the parables of Jesus.  These are expanded analogies meant to make us stop, think, and respond.

In our Sunday gatherings, beginning September 10, we will be looking at these parables of Jesus.  From them we will learn about God, lostness, grace, God’s kingdom, discipleship, money, prayer, the future and many other things.

We invite you to come sit at the feet of Jesus.  Hear his stories.  Contemplate what he is saying to us today.  And find out how these stories with intent can bring us into relationship with our Lord and transform how we live in our world.

Join us Sundays at 9:30 or 10:45am