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What time is it for each of our GPs?

  • Catherine: 16 hours ahead (15 during DST).
    • A fast way to convert is to add four hours to the current time and then change AM to PM, or PM to AM. For example, if it’s 7:30 PM here, add four hours (=11:30 PM), than change PM to AM. That makes it 11:30 AM (the next day) for her.
  • David and Katrina: 7 hours ahead (6 during DST).
  • Others: a helpful conversion tool can be found here:

Are there certain things I should say (or not say!) when corresponding with our GPs—especially those working in countries sensitive to the gospel?

  • As for what to say, they love to receive notes of encouragement, hearing the specific things God is prompting you to pray for them about, and learning what’s going on in your lives and how they can be praying for you!
  • As for what not to say, that’s a great question, and the short answer is YES! Please contact one of the GP team members and we’d be happy to share more information with you.

How do I mail international letters or packages, and what should I include (or not include)?

How can I encourage global awareness in my children or grandchildren?

Can you point me to some helpful prayer resources?

How can I learn more about global outreach?