bringing all people into healthy relationship with Jesus and one another

What are Gospel Communities?

Gospel Communities are designed to be an environment in which people can experience holistic spiritual formation through healthy community.

Gospel communities are not a one-size-fits-all program. They are a dynamic environment in which we can all learn what it means to follow Jesus. Each gospel community is a place to practice and live out our core commitments to grace, community, and mission. Gospel communities are essential to our mission because disciples are made in the context of relationships and community. No two gospel communities will look exactly alike, but every gospel community will be an expression of our commitment to grace, community, and mission.


Current Gospel Communities:


The Blaine gospel community is the first group we launched making it the oldest, but don’t let the age of the group fool you. The adults are outnumbered by young kids! The group enjoys monthly meals on the third Saturday at 6:30pm, and is passionate about including the children throughout the life and activities of the group. Greg Kvamme or Peter Rieke would love to connect with you and share more about the group.

Columbia Heights

The Columbia Heights gospel community is a young group, comprised mainly of young singles, young married couples, and families with young children. Their official gatherings are every other Friday night from 6:30-8:00pm, but always have something social happening on the other Fridays. We would love to talk with you about being a part of our community. To get connected, contact John Stromberg or Eli Parker.


The Chominix gospel community is our newest group! They were birthed out of the Circle Pines group in the summer of 2016, and are eager to eat meals together and spend time praying about how they can live on mission together. This group meets on the first and third Thursday of every month from 5:30-7pm. To get connected, contact Dave Linde or Cody Wilde.

Circle Pines

The Circle Pines gospel community is an intergenerational group that meets the second and fourth Wednesday of every month from 6:30-8:00pm. During their regular gatherings, they usually spend time discussing a recent sermon and processing what it looks like to live in obedience to Jesus. John Chamberlain or Katie Jensen would love to connect with you and talk about how you can get involved in their community.

North Lakes

The North Lakes gospel community is made up of people who live in Hugo, Stacey, and even Ham Lake. Their regular rhythm is to eat a meal together after the second worship gathering on the third Sunday of each month. They’re always looking for ways to be involved in each other’s lives during the rest of the month, too. Jeff and Sonja Duch would love to connect with you to see if this group is a good fit for you!

Get Connected

If you’d like more information about Gospel Communities, please contact Pastor John Stromberg.