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The Living Room

 Our living rooms are spaces where family and friends gather.  They are places for conversation, sometimes small talk and sometimes serious talk.  They are places of laughter and fun.  They are places for a variety of ages and life experiences.  But it’s the place where we spend time with the people we care about. At CEFC, The Living Room is the relational gathering spot on Sunday mornings for our church family.  We invite you to join us for The Living Room on Sundays at 10:45 a.m.  You will be met by fresh coffee and snacks along with some friendly people from the CEFC family. What you can expect at The Living Room:
  • Fresh coffee and snacks
  • Friendly people
  • Comfortable couches
  • Ping-pong, Carpetball, Air Hockey, table games
  • A place to dialogue about that morning’s sermon
  • Freedom to engage in small talk, serious talk, or sermon talk… as you choose

Jill and Greg

Where is the Living Room?

The Living Room is located a few paces south of our main facility in what we call The Edge building. This is the building used by our youth group on Wednesday nights.

Take a small walk and join us at The Living Room.