bringing all people into healthy relationship with Jesus and one another

The two pedals on our bike

At Centennial, our mission is to bring all people into healthy relationships with Jesus and one another. We accomplish this mission is two primary ways.

Gathered Worship

First, we gather on Sunday morning for an intentional time of worship, listen to God’s Word together, and be together as a church family, reminding ourselves that we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

We believe that our gathered worship is formative. It forms not only us as individuals, but it forms us as a community as we sit under the teaching of the Bible every week, confess our sin together, pray together, ¬†participate in the Lord’s Table together, and give some of our financial resources for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. Gathered worship shapes us as a community so that we have a greater sense of alignment and unity in our mission Monday through Saturday.


Gospel Communities

Second, throughout the week we are scattered into Gospel Communities (GC), which are designed to be an environment in which we can experience holistic spiritual formation through healthy community. GCs are the ordinary life content in which we practice the UP, IN, and OUT dimensions of disciple-making. We talk about the gospel together, encourage one another, have fun, serve our city, eat meals, and love one another in practical ways.

The primary way we stay on mission in our city is by investing our lives into Gospel Communities. We believe that “outreach” has much more to do with relationships and real people than events or programs. So what you’ll find in the context of GCs is people who love God, love one another, and are inviting their friends who don’t know Jesus into a new set of relationships where they can see the gospel at work.