bringing all people into healthy relationship with Jesus and one another

Core Commitments

 Our core commitments are derived from the nature of the gospel itself.


We are committed to applying the gospel of grace to every area of life

God’s saving work can be summed up in one word—grace. When the world descended into sin and rebellion, God pursued his people; he promised to send a Deliverer to rescue them from the power and penalty of sin. Although God does sometimes deliver his people from circumstances, in Christ he has delivered us from our worst and most dangerous enemy—sin and death. Not only has he forgiven us of our past sins and promised us a future in his coming reign, he has given us hope and power for the present time as we await the second coming of Jesus. Every aspect of our salvation—past, present, and future—is borne from God’s grace.

Since our relationship with God is founded in grace and not performance, we have full access to him here and now. We can boldly approach him in prayer, study the Bible, and practice spiritual disciplines, not as a way to gain his favor, but because we already have it. Our lives as followers of Christ are now motivated and driven by God’s grace. This means that every act of obedience and every good work is to be a response to grace. We are not saved by grace and then kept by our good works; grace saves us and grace sustains us. Because of this, we proclaim, study, celebrate, and apply the gospel of grace to our lives as the only catalyst for true and lasting change.


We are committed to living in community with our Christian family

God has not only saved us from our sin and rebellion, he has saved us into a brand new family. In Jesus’ own words, “Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother” (Mark 3:25). This means that trusting Christ is a unifying factor deeper, stronger, and more permanent than even biological family. As we believe and apply the gospel, it weaves us into a new family.

Since Christ’s work makes us sons and daughters of our heavenly Father, our familial relationships are built into our very identity. This means that there is no such thing as a “lone-ranger” Christian. A rejection of our Christian family is a rejection of our very identity as the family of God, so we make it a priority to work out what it means to live as a new family with our brothers and sisters in Christ.


We are committed to joining God’s mission in our world to see all people know and be transformed by Jesus

The grace given to us in Christ compels us to be people on mission with God. The whole Bible is the meta-narrative—or story—of how God loves people and rescues them from sin and rebellion. As a community of people who have experienced God’s saving grace, our desire is to see people who do not yet follow Jesus experience the same grace and forgiveness. We believe that true human flourishing can only be found in the context of a right relationship with Jesus, so we pray with hope and expectation, urging all people to turn from sin and follow him.

Click this link for a printable version of our core commitments: core commitments